Introducing actionable: your new home for ActionButton and more

Until today, most of our partners have known us as ActionButton - the technology that makes it easier for people to take action on content in moments of inspiration. We believed that a more human-centric product would drive more action. Our original founder Jordan Hewson liked to say that we were always solving a product problem, not a human empathy problem.

We’ve come a long way since our founding days - and have grown from working with independent publishers and nonprofits to now partnering with some of the most influential, game-changing brands in the world.

And as our user-base and customer base has evolved to service more brand partners, we’ve adapted our capabilities to meet their demands. Over the last few years, we’ve sat at the table with some of the world’s largest tech, CPG, finance, and beauty brands - we’ve worked alongside them to help redefine their category (from auto to tech), engage their people in advertising’s largest stage (Super Bowl), and rallied them together in our largest action-driving effort ever (mobilizing over 1 million voters in the past presidential election). 

Last year, we announced that we officially joined forces with NationBuilder, enabling us to build on our legacies of community engagement together. This investment has only further accelerated our growth, and today we’re excited to announce the launch of actionable - a fully-integrated solution for brands to better reach, engage, and celebrate their communities whilst creating brand love. With actionable, we will continue to build upon ActionButton technology, while also becoming more official thought partners to our brand clients through community-driven research, insights, and strategic counsel on how brands can stay relevant in culture and drive 360 action.

While brands can continue to run ActionButton campaigns as they know them, we now offer the ability to not only partner as media providers focused on amplifying creative, but also holistic brand partners involved in the end-to-end process - from initial brief and insights to creative deployment and optimization. Our investment from NationBuilder will continue to allow us to grow as leaders in brand engagement solutions, including but not limited to, new innovations and product development that will help brands better meaningfully connect with their audiences while driving brand love. 

If you're interested in learning more about our new capabilities or have any upcoming initiatives you'd like to brainstorm together in light of these, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Yours in service,
actionable Team